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Frequently Asked Questions?

How are these courses beneficial to me?

One gets good theoretical and practical inputs in Teachers’ Training Courses which will give you the full-fledged training you would need to be a qualified preschool teacher.

  • Apart from being a noble profession, teaching helps one achieve a unique sense of job satisfaction. You can also…..

  • Build a stimulating career.

  • Have flexible working schedules with holidays as per govt. guidelines.

  • Shift from full-time work schedules to part-time schedules

  • Attain attractive monetary benefits in the long run.

  • Schools give discount in fees for your child if your child is admitted in the same school you are working in.

I have passed standard X and have also done a diploma course in Fashion designing / Home science, etc. Am I still eligible for the course?

Yes, You are eligible

I have appeared for standard XII exams but haven’t got my results yet. Am I eligible?

You will get the provisional admission but once you get the results, you are supposed to submit the copy in the office

Is there any age bar for enrolling for these teacher training courses?

No, there is no age bar for enrolling for these teacher training courses

Am I eligible to get a job in any school?

Students who have successfully completed the course at INDOSS have been absorbed not only in local School but also in various global schools.

Can I teach in Australia, U.K., U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand or any other country?

Employment as a pre-school teacher abroad is subject to the licensing rules of a particular country. However, our trainees have been working in countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA, etc.

How much will I be able to earn as a pre-school teacher?

The pay scale of a pre-school teacher depends on the school management and the personal performance of the candidate. There is no fixed pay scale defined by the Govt. for pre-school teachers. International schools pay high.

I haven’t been in touch with studies for the last 20 yrs. Do you think I will be able to manage ?

We ensure that learning becomes an enjoyable experience. Here, no individual feels pressurized or is forced into an unhealthy competition.

I am really bad at drawing. Can I still do the course?

Although you will have to use art and other media, it is not necessary to be good at them. We do arrange resource person lectures to guide you in Art & Craft.

I am a home-maker with children. How will these courses help me?

Through these courses, you can:

  • Gain inputs on the growth and development of your child.

  • Have a better understanding of your children and apply these inputs in rearing them.

  • Open your own pre-school, Craft club, Mother-Toddler group, etc.

  • Have part – time and flexible work schedules whereby you can work and simultaneously take care of your children.

Will I get refund in case I drop out in between due to marriage, relocation, illness, etc.?

Fees will not be refunded whatsoever the reason for dropping out may be. The course fee may be carry forwarded for next one academic session only in genuine cases subject to prior intimation with documentary.



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